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Port: 7171
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22 January 2020 00:24:01

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Added: 13.01.2020

br Realistic 7.4 Sa
Statistics for server ID 32989

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IP Address:
Players:3 / 1000
Total Uptime (%):99.95%
Now Uptime for (hours):12h 18m
Record online:507 players online on Wed, 23 October 2019 02:53:07 CEST
Client:7.40 [windows]
Exp Type:Stages
Server:Realistic 1.0
Map:Real Map
Added:Sun, 17 February 2019 19:36:14 CET
Latest online:Wed, 22 January 2020 00:19:12 CET
Statistics for server ID 32989

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Statistics for server ID 32989
Today we wanna talk about our new project, called Realistic, and we wanna get your contribuition to know what do you wanna play and how do you wanna play. Our only goal is make the best Open Tibia Server for community of oldschool (also newschool) players, focused on PVP skills, like Tibia used to be.

So, what's Realistic?

Realistic is RealOTS (7.72) based server, it was made, initially, with a custom source engine that interprets the leaked cipsoft virgin files ([7.7] RealOTS 7.7 Cipsoft files (virgin)), and the real Tibia global map from that time.

Will it be a 7.72 server, like much others?

No, Realistic has only the map and NPC's unchanged, the game aspect try to mimic a 7.4 Tibia server, with all the features of this Tibia version and some custom aditions.

Which 7.4 features are that?

All that features try to get the most similar features of 7.4 Tibia:

Runes cannot be casted trough the battle windows on players, and there's no rune hotkeys. The PVP is hard and wins the better hand.
All boats are not protection zone, so you can travel to anywhere if you are in a fight, giving the player a lot of oportunites to do;
The spells are 7.4 based, you don't need a level to cast a spell or make runes, you just need the correct magic level and mana to do that;
All the spells formulas mimics the 7.4 correct combat damage on creatures and players;
No wand or rods in game, you cannot buy from a NPC or loot it, it was removed.
Burst arrows are magic level based;
No spell runes for sell on NPC's, just blank runes;
Heal friend (exura sio) from druids are changed to work avoiding walls;
You cannot pass two containers if they are stacked, but you can do it if you have a fist container before. It's called parcel block;
The house system works with a website on auction system (bids);
The runes are casted on the last player on a stack, only. The oldschool players will remember the famous trap uh video from Acko (below);
The rope system works only if has no creatures or trash on rope hole spot.

And what's are the custom features?

The custom features are added to increase the gameplay ability and make the game more dynamic, merging the actual Tibia and the old Tibia:

A party sharing system that gives 20% experience bonus for each vocation hunting on party, encouraging group hunting;
A cast system, that allows you to start a private cast for your friends or random people trough the client;
A vocation balance for paladins and knights, in view of that mages were more powerful than knights and paladins;
Change gold with a click;
A new task system that will be explained below.

How does the task system works?

The server hunting will be encouraging players to do group hunting and task huntings.
The task system works with daily and normal tasks. The daily tasks can be made one each 24 hours, will be few monsters and each day different monsters with different rewards.

The normal tasks are the common tasks that we see on the most servers, but they can be repeated.

You can do a daily task and a normal task at the same time.

The most interesting feature of this task system are the task points and the rank system.
Each task will reward you with some task points and task rank experience.

Task points can be used to trade with NPC's for items (in the future premium points stuff), that will make the server don't have difference with people who pay for play and the free players.

Task rank experience will advance you on rank system, the ranks are:

1- Explorer;
2- Third Class Hunter;
3- Second Class Hunter;
4- First Class Hunter;
5- Elite hunter.

Your rank will be showed on the player look (You see Daniel. He is a master sorcerer... Adventurer Rank: First Class Hunter), and you will be able to hunt in new places, talk with new NPC's depending of your rank.

What about the donations and payments?

The first server will be a open totally FREE server, every player will have premium account and no items or premium stuffs. It will be studed to work on a future server with premium accounts and stuffs, to get our investiment back and pay the costs.

What's the server rates and information?

Level 1 to Level 8 (5X)
Level 9 to Level 20 (15X)
Level 21 to Level 40 (10X)
Level 41 to Level 60 (8X)
Level 61 to Level 80 (6X)
Level 81 to Level 100 (3X)
Level 101 to Level 120 (2X)
Level 121 + (1X)

Skills: 5X
Magic: 3X
Respawn: 2X
Loot: 3X
Redskull: 5 players daily
What about Client?

We are using an edited smooth version of OTClient with a lot of feautures:
Ping system working correctly;

Autobouncing keys;
Extra right and left panels;
Fixed light system;
Antibot encryptation method.
When it will be launched?

The launch will be in a week, december 13, and our servers will be located in São Paulo (Brazil) and United States (depending of demand).
The client will be disponible for download in 6 days, 12 december.

And what's your plans to the future?

On server we plan to add new quests, new hunting places, new systems, and invest in the greatest client ever (avoiding changing Tibia layout) focused in nostalgic oldschool Tibia.

Our plans is get an accepted and stable server for our community. We know that if we get big, a lot of people will try to stop our growth. BECAUSE OF THIS WE MADE A PARTNERSHIP WITH ProGDN company.

ProGDN made an edition on our client to work with their system that consists on proxy servers that connect on our server trough their system. It has a launcher that will find and optimize the best route for you get the lowest ping possible for your network.

The system work with multiple connection, and if we get ddosed in one of this connection, it will transfer the connection to another server automatically and instantly, avoiding you to get disconnected from game.

It's why we belive on our server, and our diferencial, it's the only server that will have this tecnology, because the cost of this service is absurdly high, and cannot be paid for lowend companies.

We are doing the best, and we hope you help us to customize our game system to be the best for you. Leave your comment and your suggestion.

Before saying bye, I would like to thank @Okke @Olddies @Flatlander @Kotzlety for help that you gave me opening my mind to solve problems and giving ideas for systems.

Best regards, Realistic Team.
Statistics for server ID 32989

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