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pl V4 Asyria
Port: 7171
Uptime: 98.2923%
Players: 3 (18) / 120
Current time:
21 September 2018 17:39:59

Now 5042 players are playing on 149 servers.
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Added: 14.08.2018

us Seconera Retro Pvp
Statistics for server ID 32400

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IP Address:
Players:5 / 300
Total Uptime (%):99.99%
Now Uptime for (hours):5h 35m
Record online:43 players online on Mon, 16 July 2018 04:26:26 CEST
Exp Type:Stages
Server:mtibia Chile 1
Map:Real Map
Added:Tue, 03 July 2018 22:49:43 CEST
Latest online:Fri, 21 September 2018 17:30:35 CEST
Statistics for server ID 32400
This world is called Seconera, Retro Open PvP.

Uptime: 24/7 since 15/12/2016 (about 1.5 years)
Hosted in: USA, on a dedicated server with 1 Gbps Internet connection, OVH.

Prepare to be amazed!

- All NPC and spawns areas free, without need to do access-quests.
- World Transfer between each worlds: Firtera, Seconera, Thirtera and soon on Quartera, Quintera, Sextera, Heptera, Octera and Novenera.
- Worlds hosted on USA, Europe, Brazil and Chile.
- Most epic and perfect autoloot system ever: looting items with value higher than a specific parameter, easy to setup!
- Client 11 features: Hunt Analyzer, Impact Analyzer, Loot Analyzer, Waste Analyzer, Action Bars, etc.
- Cast & Cam System: Record your live session to reproduce later.
- More than 40 new mounts as The Welter, Gloom Wolf, Thornfire Wolf, Hellhound, Silencer, Hydra, Kondra, Crystal Spider, Yielotahx, etc!
- War anti-intruse with unique features.
- Imbuiments as global with Quests and not decaying on protection zone.
- New summons at level 200, as global with 25 minutes of duration and 5 minutes of delay (30 minutes cooldown).
- All emblematic & grand-quest stategies quest as global: Heart of Destruction, Forgotten Knowledge, Ferumbras Ascension, The Curse Spreads, Kroazur, The First Dragon, etc.
- New Warzones IV, V, VI.
- Uniques Task: new tasks as Catacombs, Roshamuul Prison, Otherworld, Insectoid, Heroes, Asuras, etc.
- Unique Task System: A system to select from a window, just clicking.
- Unique Rewards on Task: Gold Tokens & Silver Tokens .
- All global raids, Ferumbras every 90 days, Chayenne every 70 days, Triangle of Terror every 30-35 days, etc.
- Liquid Black Quest Bosses: Stage 1 and 2, to face Jaul, Obujos and Tanjis.
- Full RL Map, including Feyrist, Otherworld, Hidden Threat, Cults of Tibia, New Asuras, etc.
- Online and Offline Training.
- All world changes.
- Boss Reward System & Boosted Bosses, which are harder.
- Guild Reward by Streaks (to all online members, including premium days, tibia coins, prey bonus reroll, money, etc).
- Prey System as global: reroll creature to maintain bonus, or reroll bonus to maintain creature!
- In-Game Store offers with unique guild discounts (+10% off every 10 players on guild), Task XP Reward Boosters, XP Boost.
- New enchaned blessings on Seconera.
- Death Redemption on Store.
- Cask & Kegs as global.
- Hot Cuisine maigical foods.
- Bounty Hunter ingame.
- Shared Task Party x4 vocations.
- Shared XP party x10 players (+40% bonus on each extra player).
- Unique "aleta track" feature for guild to track connections (log in and out), kills and level up of specific players or guilds.
- Unique automatic market inyection of creature products and basic sets daily.
- NPC Cledwyn to exchange silver tokens.
- NPC Yana to exchange destruction, mayhem, carving and remedy items also exchange creature products for imbuiments.
- Leech system with decreasing performance as global.
- Creatures AI with fields and return-back to spawn after no target.
- No smart-exit.
- Anti-Navi system.
- Achievements System.
- Death Channel to check all live-deaths.
- Loyalty System as global.
- On look NPCs (or attack) they will respond as "hi".
- Bank NPCs understand key-words as 2kk, 4k, 9kkk, etc.

And much more!
Statistics for server ID 32400

Last 5 Messages of The Day

  • July 11, 2018, 12:01 PM
Dear player, welcome to mtibia!

This weekend we are going to have a Triple XP event!
Between server saves of 13 and 15 July, all monster will yield three times it's current experience points!


  • July 10, 2018, 12:03 PM
Dear player, welcome to mtibia!

Remember this 11 July, the house decoration event will be finished. All can participate in every world within two categories: amount of rare items and design style.
Our judges are going to be personal external to Tibia, which have lot of knowledge on decorations: Interior Designer, Visual, Merchandising and Escaparatism.

Upload your photo to our forums and participate among 9.000 Tibia Coins!


  • July 04, 2018, 12:03 PM
Dear player, welcome to mtibia!

Another Weekend Event is taking place between server saves of 6th and 8th July: Rapid Respawn x10!

This means all creatures will have their respawn time increased ten time faster!


  • July 03, 2018, 10:59 PM
Dear player, welcome to mtibia!

If you are lider or vice-lider, remember to use aleta track to monitor players and other guilds!

For example:
GM Kito

That list will follow al login, deaths, level up of GM Kito and the same for the entire members from guild Gamemasters.


Seconera Retro Pvp
Seconera Retro Pvp
Seconera Retro Pvp
Seconera Retro Pvp
Seconera Retro Pvp
Seconera Retro Pvp
Seconera Retro Pvp
Seconera Retro Pvp